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Evolutionz Consulting is the top rated Marijuana Consulting firm in Denver. We offer the most experienced team of leading industry experts. We can help with every single aspect that the booming marijuana market has to offer.

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Our premium cannabis consultation services include:

  • Licensing & Compliance
  • Growing & Processing
  • Marketing & Packaging
  • Real Estate & Zoning
  • Hiring & Management

We have a growing list of successful dispensary owners who now have a thriving business and an even more valuable brand. As we grow beyond our Denver roots, we are expanding  our services nationwide.

We will fly to any medical or legal state and get your business completely set up.


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We are entrepreneurs with a mission to use our collective years of business experience to make an impactful difference for our clients and partners. Our commitment to create a lasting impact means that we work differently, diligent in our desire to deliver on the fundamentals that drive businesses over the long term. There are many opportunities to improve your business and capitalize on your efforts. As experienced business professionals we are able to adapt to your situation and apply customized solutions



















by Sarah Walls | Apr 4, 2017 |
1 Answer for $0 ($100 value) The M.E.D recently changed their response system to compliance questions. As of now, they no longer discuss answers outside the context of the statutes involved. Instead, they only site the information directly out of the statutes.



by Evolutionz | Mar 22, 2017 | Cannabis Investing
The cannabis industry can yield huge returns on investment for business owners, and that’s an attractive fact for investors. However, there’s certainly a balance between risk and reward when it comes to investing in marijuana retail. As we mentioned in a previous…
Colorado Cannabis Consulting
​Gone Nationwide

After helping several local clients in Denver achieve massive success in the marijuana industry, our consulting agency has branched out and are replicating our successful business model for investors across the country over and over again. We are now helping the newer developing markets gain knowledge on how to properly run a regulated company.

Colorado is by far the heaviest regulated state and the mecca of worldwide cannabis industry. With our huge success in such a big market like Denver, we are so confident in our standard operating procedures and experience that we know that we can help any business thrive in any market.

Marijuana Consulting Of Denver Guarantees:

​1.) We can go into any state and make your company compliant with state laws.

2.) We can take you from “Investment Stage” directly to the “Completely Operational Stage”.

3.) 100% satisfaction is an easy task for us to accomplish.

4.) Your growers will produce flower that will always be top shelf quality after we leave.

5.) Experienced in more than a dozen states.

As more and more states adopt new laws allowing for new regulations to be put in place, it is clear that each individual state must determine the level of standards and regulations on its own.

Geographic location  plays a huge role how each state grows and sells the marijuana that is produced. This has led to huge variation of regulation standards between each state.

We take into consideration each and every single states laws and have proven that we are elite consulting firm capable of helping our clients build marijuana empires.

Need Help Growing
​Better Flower?

Our revolutionary growing techniques combined with our ability to pass the knowledge onto a proper master grower is one of our specialties.

We have each and every step of growing down to a perfect science:

1.) Obtain a property that will suit the needs of a commercial scale grow keeping in consideration both cost and estimated volume of average weight that should be produced by the facility.

2.) Proper climate control measures, ventilation, lighting, and temperature control is critical to producing maximum yields of high quality flower.

3.) Configure the hydroponic water system or mix the best possible soil, pending on what your preference is. We are masters at both.

4.) Maintain a proper schedule of nutrients and watering in all stages of the grow.

5.) After proper flushing, harvesting, drying, trimming, curing, and packaging is completed, we can assure that the master grower we set you up with will yield fantastic results.

Obviously there is much more that goes into growing the best cannabis possible. Just know that we only  grow the highest yielding, highest THC levels, best smelling, prettiest buds you have ever seen.

Our Processing In Unmatched
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • CO2
  • Solventless
  • Clear
  • Rosin
  • Live Resin
  • PHO
  • BHO

We have one of the most experienced extractors in the industry teaching your employees how to blast some of the cleanest, most stable, and blondest hash in the game.

We can teach you how to do almost any extraction you can think of. We even have our own terpene expert to guide you in creating the best tasting hash possible.

We also have extensive knowledge about the the new market of terpenes. We have a line on lab grade terpenes that are made in America.